Fun on the High Seas: Guide to Singles Cruises For Over 50s

Fun on the High Seas: Guide to Singles Cruises For Over 50s

Over 50, and thinking of taking to the seas on a singles cruise? What should you expect on singles cruises for over 50s and what are the best cruise companies out there right now.

Hopefully, our article gives you single travelers out there some useful advice and tips on what to expect.

Seeking Adventure As A Single Person On Your First Cruise

Cruises for people over 50, are a popular way for older adults to travel and experience new destinations.

As we reach our middle age, we become more focused on things around us.

If you’re like me, you probably appreciate culture and scenery a lot more than you did in your 30s!

So over 50 singles cruises can be a great way to enjoy new experiences.   Not forgetting the opportunity to meet new people.

Singles Cruises For Over 50s

The Best Cruise Companies Catering For Over 50’s Singles

Royal caribbean

Royal Caribbean Cruises For Singles Over 50

Holland America Line – offers solo cabins designed with singles in mind, as well as a Solo traveler’s meet-up event.

Royal Caribbean Cruises For Singles Over 50

Royal Caribbean International – feature Studio staterooms exclusively designed and priced for sole occupancy, along with organized mixers where singles can get to know each other.

Norwegian Cruise Line For The Solo Traveler

Norwegian Cruise Line – providing Singles programmed activities, including cocktail parties and games events aimed towards engaging on-board unaccompanied guests.

cunard singles cruises over 50s

Cunard Line For Singles On A Budget

Cunard Line: Known for their elegant, classic ships, Cunard has a range of options for solo travelers, including single staterooms and social events. Their unique blend of tradition and modern amenities can be particularly appealing to those looking for singles Cruises For Over 50s.

Princess Cruises Exclusive Singles Offers

Princess Cruises – Offers its own exclusive ‘singles’ onboard programming featuring hosted dinners and gatherings throughout their ships with details listed of whom might be compatible.

Please note that offerings may change over time, and it’s always a good idea to check with the cruise lines directly for their most up-to-date information on single cruises for over 50s.

Cruise companies have recognized this trend in middle-aged singles

In recent years, there has been an increase in cruise companies catering towards this demographic, offering specialized activities and amenities.

The one advantage of a cruise holiday is that it offers a relatively comfortable way to see many different places simultaneously.

And the great thing about travelling alone is choosing your own itinerary.

You have no friends or partners to please – the decisions are all yours!

Sometimes travelling can be a real pain in the neck for us middle-aged people ( I know), and many of us may not have the energy or desire to manage multiple flights or long drives independently.

So that makes cruises an excellent option for people like us.

So without further ado, lets look at the top cruise companies for over 50s singles…


Cruise Direct Have Hundreds Of Singles Cruises For The Over 50s

When it comes to planning your singles cruise, then Cruise Direct are probably the largest Cruise website, with deals from virtually every cruise company you can think of,  on their website.

With live pricing and availability updated daily, it’s as easy as pie to research, arrange, and book reservations online – without any hassles.

Amongst the great deals you can find there, are

River Cruises For Singles Over 50

River cruises are super for single people over 50 who want to travel alone, but still want to mingle with others.

Singles Cruises For Over 50s offer a really relaxing way to see multiple destinations whilst travelling along scenic waterways at a gentle pace.

River cruises tend to be all-inclusive, meaning that your meals, accommodation, entertainment and excursions will be included in the price.  That means there is usually no need for extensive planning or organization, particularly if you are a solo traveller.

Alaska Cruises For Singles Over 50

Personally, I think there could be very few more stunning places to cruise, than Alaska. Escape from the world, the heat of a Caribbean cruise, and get away to the peacefulness of nature.

In fact, if you are traveling alone, it is probably one of the best places to escape to. There is something about that vast wilderness of ice that allows you to experience nature and get and touch with yourself. It is probably the perfect singles Cruise, particularly when you’re middle-aged.

Luxury Cruises For Singles Over 50

When we have reached a certain age we often enjoy the more comfortable things in life. We might have a bit extra cash in our bank account and so it’s time to treat ourselves….why not!

If you are single and middle age, then what better way to pamper yourself than to get away on a luxury Cruise.  There are many luxurious cruises to choose from on Cruise Direct. So why not escape and enjoy the finer things in life for a few weeks, I’m sure you deserve it.

Carnival Cruises For Singles Over 50

If you’re looking for a mix of fun and affordability, then look no further than Carnival Cruises. If you are a single traveler in your 50s, or older, then a cruise with carnival maybe perfect for you.

Carnival is one of America’s most trusted cruise lines, sailing to many of the most popular destinations, including Caribbean, Mexico, the Bahamas and Alaska. No matter which ship or itinerary you decide to go with, you’ll be guaranteed the beat price with Cruise Direct

Cruises For Solo Travelers

Solo cruises and single cruises aren’t necessarily the same thing, although they might sound very similar.

Single travellers are not always seeking the same thing!

Solo cruises are cruises that people choose to go on by themselves, and in many cases, these individuals are content to spend their holiday by themselves. Quietly reading a book or perhaps sunbathing.

The purpose of these sorts of cruises is for the individual who wants to travel alone, to get some time away from home and enjoy spending time relaxing.

Singles Cruises To Meet Someone

Single cruises for over 50s, on the other hand, were designed to bring single people together so that they can meet other singles, enjoy each other’s company and perhaps become romantically involved.

Sometimes, these might be designed for singles to meet with potential romantic partners.

In other cases, it is simply a chance for single people to meet like-minded individuals with which they can share a holiday experience.

solo cruise over 50

Cruises For Single Seniors Is Becoming Big Business

With most cruise itineraries covering several ports of call throughout a region, you can experience numerous cultures and attractions without having to unpack multiple times.

The added bonus is that with meals, accommodations and activities included in one price – it makes budgeting easier as well!

Cruise ships nowadays offer an abundance of amenities onboard which appeal specifically towards us older travelers such as fitness programs geared towards low-impact exercises –  like yoga classes or water aerobics.

Also, many offer culinary experiences designed with foodies (or wine connoisseurs) in mind who appreciate wines from around the world.

Advantages Of  Cruises For Singles Over 50

Another advantage on cruises for over-50s is the opportunity to meet other like-minded people during sea days, while enjoying beautiful scenery stretching out before them.

Often from deck chairs outfitted with plush cushions next to private pools ideal spots where passengers can relax sipping cocktails while taking in picturesque views.

Additionally, some ships feature wellness centers offering spa treatments such as massages specifically aimed at stress-reducing methods allowing senior cruisers full relaxation benefits beyond just sightseeing adventures.

Over 50 singles cruises may be especially advantageous, particularly among the middle aged who are seeking adventure, coupled with indulgence provided by luxury liners’ amenities.

Like elaborate cuisine sourced locally or even international brands exclusive only found aboard!

Turning 50 just might herald the most exciting decade of your life, and what better way to celebrate than booking yourself a  cruise for seniors.

A great opportunity for those who might be entering this stage of life on your own.

The good news is there are always singles cruise for the over 50’s, designed to bring singles together in some of the most exotic locations imaginable.

While this might sound like all fun and games, it is important to familiarize yourself with what these experiences are about so that you know what to expect from the moment you step aboard over 50s single cruises.

Hidden Costs for Singles Cruises For Over 50s

Hidden costs come part and parcel of many holiday packages, even all expenses paid packaged, so be aware of this when booking over 50s single cruisers.

One potential downside for solo cruises is often the single supplement that is often applied by the company, for your excursion.

Cruise line credit cards are usually handed out at the beginning of the trip, and guests are required to make use of these, instead of their regular cards.

The cruise line cards and the guest’s actual credit cards are linked together, so it means that spending on one will mean spending on the other, but many people don’t think of it like this, which ultimately leads them to spend much more than they meant to.

Tipping is another hidden expense that might not be covered in the over 50s cruise package. It is quite common for cruise lines to provide their guests with information related to tipping, including when and how much is appropriate.

over fifties single cruises

Tips For The Best Singles Sailing Experience

If you’re thinking of taking a cruise, there are a few things to keep in mind before you go. Here are some tips for a successful cruise:

1. Research the different cruise companies and find one that fits your needs. There are many different types of cruises to choose from, so it’s important to find one that is right for you.

2. Make a budget. Before you even start planning your trip, make a budget and figure out what you can afford.

You don’t want to spend too much money on a cruise and end up feeling disappointed, or spend too little and feel like the trip was a waste.

It’s important to find a cruise company that fits your budget and your travel preferences.

3. Book early! Cruises tend to sell out quickly, especially singles cruises, so it’s important to book as soon as possible if you’re interested in taking a trip on one of these vessels.

If you wait too long, chances are you’ll have to settle for something else – maybe not as desirable – or miss out entirely on an opportunity

Last Thoughts on The Best Cruises For Singles

When it comes to planning a cruise, many people think that the younger crowd is the only group that can enjoy them.

However, there are plenty of great cruise companies out there that cater specifically to middle-aged travellers and the over-fifties.

Not only do these companies offer amazing itineraries and facilities, but they also have staff on hand who are experienced with dealing with elderly passengers.

If you’re interested in cruising but don’t want to miss out on any of the action, be sure to check out some of the best cruise companies for middle-aged people!

When picking your singles cruise over 50, make sure you know exactly what you are in for. Some cruises offer fine dining and elegant balls, while others could have you blushing from head to toe from the moment you get on board.

If you will be stuck on a boat with a group of strangers from anywhere between a few days and a few weeks, you definitely want to make sure that you are comfortable with the scheduled group activities.

Singles cruises can be a lot of fun, and they are tailor-made for just about everyone. If you are not interested in meeting someone new, you might want to sign up for a trip that includes Japanese or cooking lessons.

Ultimately, it is up to you to make the most of your next single’s cruise, regardless of the destination.





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