6 People Who Got Rich After 50

6 People Who Got Rich After 50

You don’t have to be in your early 20s to strike it rich. Just like it’s been said over and over again, all you need is a good idea and the hustle to make it count. If you thing you have a million dollar idea then being over 50 should never stop you from making it happen. There are lots of people in the world who struck it rich after the age of 50

. The best thing about it is that you already know how to handle your money at that age. You’re not going to blow you millions on frivolous things and you’ll actually be able to enjoy it for the rest of your life.

6. Grandma Moses

Grandma Moses was a very rich and famous artist who’s known around the world for her folksy art. What most people don’t realize is that her name isn’t meant to be ironic. She didn’t strike it rich until the age of 78 when her work was shown at the Museum of Modern Art.

She spent the rest of her life finally getting all of the recognition that she deserved from her amazing talents and lives on in all of her pieces.

5. Ray Kroc

Ray Kroc is one of the wealthiest people on the planet and he didn’t make that happen until the age of 52. What makes him stand out is that he didn’t get rich off of something that he created. Instead, he made his money by helping a pair of brothers franchise their business from a local brand and get it started on the path toward total world domination.

Those brothers were Richard and Maurice McDonald. That’s right, the creators and owner of McDonalds owe their global success to a man in his 50s who had a good idea.

4. Pablo Picasso

Everyone knows who Pablo Picasso is, even if you’re not totally familiar with his work. He was a world famous artist who spent his younger years living hand to mouth and just trying to survive.

Once someone noticed what he had, he was catapulted into fame and fortune in his older years. It’s proof positive that you have to keep your dreams alive and follow them for as long as you possibly can and you’ll be rewarded in the end. Just make sure you don’t let you standards slip when it seems like no one cares.

3. Judge Judy

Next up is someone that you’re almost surely familiar with. Her name is Judy Sheindlin and she’s known as Judge Judy. Most people would be surprised to realize that her show didn’t make it big until she hit 54 years old.

Millions of people tune in on a daily basis and she’s spending her later years living in a massive mansion that would put most movie stars to shame. She’s even starting a new show soon, so she’s not going to be taking it easy any time soon.

2. Harland Sanders

You’ve seen Harland Sanders before. In fact, you probably see him every single day. He’s the face that you see on every single KFC in the world. He’s the guy who owned it and he patented the pressure fry technology that all of his restaurants use to make their 11 herb and spices chicken. He used to own a gas station that he used to sell his chicken at after he perfected his recipe. He also got into a gun fight once. On top of all that, he started franchising Kentucky Fried Chicken and became a millionaire at the age of 74.

1. Henry Ford

Finally, we get to the biggest dog on this big dog list. Henry Ford spent his entire life working on his ideas and the biggest one will always be his assembly line. It’s transformed the way that everything in the world is built and largely created the modern world.

With so many life altering ideas coming from him, it’s easy to think of him getting rich at a very young age. That’s not how it happened, though. He didn’t introduce the first assembly line until the age of 50. It changed his life just as much as it changed the entire world.

Special Mention

Wally Amos has to get a special mention here, even though he wasn’t technically in his 50s when he got rich and famous. If you’ve ever seen or enjoyed Famous Amos cookies, then you know this guy. He’s the one who created and sold them for a fortune.

He was 49 years old when he did that. It just goes to show you that age has nothing to do with becoming wealthy. All you need is a good idea and the ability to see it through. The rest of it will take care of itself for you.


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