The Most Popular Destinations for American Retirees

The Most Popular Destinations for American Retirees

If you’re approaching retirement age, you might be starting to plan the process and your life beyond


Many people claim that their retirement begins the golden years of life. It’s a time to relax

and do the things you’ve always wanted to do but may not have had the time or funds to do so.

Your retirement should be exactly how you want it to be. It’s your time to be selfish, and it’s

completely personal to your needs and circumstances.

You’ll need to consider location, budget, and family commitments to plan and organize your retirement effectively.

Many Americans choose to retire abroad. There are many reasons for doing so. Retiring in another country enables you to move to somewhere with your ideal climate and weather conditions and one

that offers your dream lifestyle conditions.

With so many countries and potential retirement destinations, how do you settle on just one?

To make your decision a little easier, we’ve listed some of the most popular destinations for those retiring overseas from the USA and the reasons why they’re such sought-after destinations.


Spain is a culturally rich country that offers a combination of historic cities with stunning architecture

and peaceful countryside with breathtaking views.

It has a diverse climate, with hot summers and slightly cooler winters, making it perfect if you enjoy seasonal weather.

The Spanish lifestyle is laid back. It focuses on relaxation and socializing with loved ones, so it’s ideal

for those looking for a stress-free retirement. You can enjoy hobbies and leisurely activities with no

pressure to rush around and tick things off a long to-do list. If your hobbies involve being outdoors, there is no shortage of great places to adventure across the country.

What’s unique about Spain is its Golden Visa program, which enables non-EU residents to successfully become a resident on the country by making a financial investment in the Spanish

property market. If you plan on buying a new home, rather than renting, when you retire, Spain should

be at the top of your list for this reason.


Being just next door to North America, Mexico is an accessible and nearby retirement destination for

American citizens.

The closeness of Mexico to America means retirees can visit their friends and family quickly, easily, and cheaply.

Mexico offers high-quality healthcare for expatriates (provided they have health insurance), and

medical costs are just a fraction of those in America.

You can enjoy medical treatment in modern hospitals by qualified and well-trained staff to ensure you stay happy and healthy in your older years.

Mexico is rich in culture and offers a unique mixture of Spanish and indigenous aspects. You can

enjoy celebrating the many traditions and events that the country’s residents uphold and feel like a

true part of your new community.

Of course, Mexico also offers an incredible culinary experience. You can enjoy all of the traditional

Mexican dishes in fine-dining restaurants or enjoy street food as you explore your new surroundings.


There is a strong ex-pat community, and you won’t struggle to fit in if you choose Portugal as your

retirement destination.

The country receives great weather all year round, with lots of sunshine and mild winters.

It also has affordable accommodation and a relatively low cost of living in comparison to the States. As a result, you can enjoy a higher quality of life in your later years without financial strains or worries.

Portugal boasts stunning landscapes with a mixture of golden coastlines, lush forests, and eye-catching vineyards. It’s a safe country for people of all ages thanks to its low crime rate and friendly

natives, making it the perfect place for a peaceful retirement.

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Italy is another European country that focuses on relaxation and leisure. The laid-back mindset of Italians is almost contagious, and you will notice this major difference in lifestyle between America and

Italy as soon as you arrive in the country.

This Mediterranean country is world renowned for its delicious cuisine. You can tuck into freshly made

pasta, a cheesy pizza, or a huge bowl of risotto.

Each region of Italy has unique dishes and culinary traditions that you can embrace in all their glory when you move.

Italy is arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You won’t be disappointed with the

stunning scenes you have right on your doorstep if you choose this country as your retirement


From the hills of Tuscany to the classic architecture of Rome to the crystal-clear waters of Lake Como , every corner you turn could be a postcard photograph in Italy!

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You’ll feel safe and sound in Italy as a senior.

The country has low crime rates and treats its older population with the utmost respect, so there’s no doubt that you will feel welcome in your chosen community.

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