How to keep your house tidy when you’re over 50

How to keep your house tidy when you’re over 50

As the years go by, some tasks become more and more difficult, and cleaning is definitely one of them.

Even if you are still in great shape and lead an active lifestyle, keeping your home spotless has surely become harder and more stressful than before.

If you are struggling to keep up with house cleaning and organization, here are several tips that will help you get the job done

Safety comes first

Unfortunately, when you are over 50, your body doesn’t recover as fast as it used to. Therefore, before you start with the cleaning process, make sure your home is not a safety hazard.

The last thing you want is to trip while vacuuming or slip while cleaning the bathroom. So, the first thing you need to do is to place slip-resistant pads underneath your rugs and keep the cords of all electronics contained with cord organizers.

When you are over 50 clutter can quickly become your worst enemy, so donate items you no longer love or use and throw away what is broken.

Things you do not use can quickly accumulate making your home much harder to clean, so do not hesitate to finally get rid of that stuff you do not need. 

Save money with homemade cleaning supplies

Keeping your home spotless doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Believe it or not, you do not need a dozen different cleaning products.

In fact, you can clean most of your home with what you can find in your kitchen. To be precise, you can use white vinegar to get rid of germs, as well as lime scale and mold.

On the other hand, baking soda can help you deal with stuck-on grease, and even remove stains from your carpets and countertops. With these genius cleaning hacks, you will easily keep a clean house without turning to any harsh chemicals. 

Create a cleaning schedule

Why do everything at once and wear yourself out when you can tackle just one task each day and maintain a clean home without much effort?

Sit down and create a cleaning schedule that suits your needs. For instance, vacuum on Mondays, clean your bathroom on Tuesdays, or dust on Wednesdays.

However, make sure you complete some of the easier tasks each day. For instance, run your dishwasher every day so dirty dishes do not pile up. 

Adopt the no-shoes policy

Taking your shoes off at the doorstep will keep your floors from getting so dirty, therefore, making them much easier to clean.

Do not invite all that grass, mud, and who knows what else into your home. Instead, create a place in your hallway where you can leave your shoes once you enter your home, and ask your guests to take their shoes off as well if possible.

By adopting this rule you won’t have to wash your wooden floors or vacuum your carpets so often. 

Keep your laundry from piling up

It is unbelievable how quickly dirty laundry can pile up. Before you know it, dirty clothes are taking over your home, making a mess out of it. Instead of waiting for the weekend to tackle that chore, run your washing machine once a day, or every other day.

This way, loads of laundry won’t get too big and overwhelming. If you have a washer with a built-in timer, use it to your advantage.

Set the timer so the load is done when you get home and you can immediately put it into the dryer. Leaving wet clothes in the washing machine can result in a bad, musty smell, so this way you will be able to avert that problem.

Furthermore, make sure you fold your clothes and put them away once the machine turns off. 

Maintaining a clean home doesn’t have to be stressful. By creating a clever cleaning schedule, adopting some smart policies, and using effective and natural cleaning products, you can save money, time, and energy, and enjoy a spotless house.


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