Unemployed Over Fifty

Unemployed Over Fifty

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Being unemployed can be very challenging, especially for those who have been professionally active for most of their lives, which is why it is important to deal with it correctly.

Believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to tackle over 50s unemployment and those who handle it the right way will usually find the experience a lot less daunting.

Can’t Find Work? Volunteer!

If you are struggling to find work, the last thing you will want to do is sit back on your haunches and wait for work to find you. If there isn’t anything paying at the moment, start volunteering at a local organization – you never know when opportunity will come knocking and this is a great way to stay active.

Keep in mind that over 50s unemployment doesn’t just weigh on you financially – it can take a toll on you emotionally, and volunteering is a great way to get something out of each and every day.

Start Blogging

Many people have found professional opportunities by writing about what they know and love. If you have decades of experience in a particular field, why not share this experience with others?

When you are dealing with over 50s unemployment, you need to stay mentally and physically active, and writing a blog is a great way to get those mental cogs spinning.

What is more, blogging is a great way to market yourself, regardless of your interests, and it might even help potential employers to find you.

Stay Relevant

One of the biggest dangers of over 50s unemployment is losing track of industry trends, or finding that your skills have become outdated, so make sure that you keep training yourself within your field of interest.

In order to keep your skills up to date, you might want to consider taking a class, and it doesn’t matter whether it is land based or online, as long as you learn the skills that will help you jump back into the field when opportunity knocks.

Some jobs require a lot more training than others, so the amount of time and effort you put into this will usually depend on your field of choice. Unemployed Over Fifty

If you don’t have extra money to spend on training, look through a variety of online sources that provide free training in everything from IT to language courses.

Start Networking

When it comes to the professional world, it is often who you know, not always what you know, that makes all of the difference.

If you find yourself facing over 50s unemployment, it might be time to start contacting old colleagues and professional acquaintances. Sometimes, reaffirming a connection could end up opening the door to a variety of possibilities, but in other instances, you might have to put in some time and effort before you see results.

Make use of social media – these are now being used by professionals to great effect.

Being unemployed can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of the line. For many, it is the start of something much more exciting.


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One thought on “Unemployed Over Fifty

  1. Very interesting post. At 61, my husband is a year younger than me and still very physically active. He works at construction jobs, while my health holds me back and keeps me confined to desk work. I keep up with the bills, but it makes me feel a bit unsatisfied that I can’t do more to help out.
    I’ve found that one great way for myself to earn a bit of extra income is to take surveys online. In a good day I can earn an extra $5 to $10, which doesn’t sound like much at first but still leaves me feeling accomplished for what I have been able to earn!

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