Age With Panache: Fashion For Men Over 50

Age With Panache: Fashion For Men Over 50

Pursuing fashion for men over 50 may not have been at the top of a man’s agenda forty years ago, but things have changed.

Confidence is a big deal with many men these days, especially as they age.

Many men feel like they’ve let themselves go and don’t look as good as they did 10 or 15 years ago.

However, I’m here to tell you, there is no reason that men in their 50s and older cannot be fashionable, look cool….and indeed sexy.

The Middle-Aged Man Has Been Mostly Abandoned By The Fashion Companies.

Another factor that doesn’t help is that clothing manufacturers simply do not market very well to men in their 50s.

They pretty much ignore this demographic of men almost completely. Because you don’t see a lot of older guys in major advertising campaigns for fashion brands, right?

It’s all about young people. You have the 18 to 35 demographic, and then you’ve got that 70 plus retirement, leisure wear, demographic.

However, guys in their 50s are stuck right in the middle.

How Dressing Well Reflects Who You Are

In many cases, the way you dress is influenced by your lifestyle, what you do for a living, and your personal preferences.

But for most older men, age does play a role in personal style. You know, you want to look cool, but equally, you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard to look younger.

So before I delve in more deeply,  here is a very quick list of things I think you should avoid when you’re a man in your 50’s.

  • Distressed jeans or jeans with any sort of over fading or tears or rips or stains.
  • Graphic t-shirts.
  • Sandals and flip flops.
  • Baseball caps, or at least baseball caps with logos worn backwards.
  • Any clothing with large logos or obvious branding.
  • Hooded sweatshirts.
  • Sports sneakers or tennis shoes (when you’re not playing sport!).
  • Overly tight fitting clothing
  • Baggy clothing.

So you might be thinking,  what can you wear?

But let me tell you, there is a huge choice of clothing that will make you look so much more stylish (and even sexy) when you’re an over 50’s man.

Make Yourself 50 And Fashionable.

Choice Of Shirts

Now I’m sure you’ve all seen guys walking around in big baggy trousers, that are too big and too long. And that Tommy Bahama, relaxed, big oversized shirt.

So listen, if you were trying to hide your gut, this isn’t doing you any favors because the entire outfit is making you look bigger and bulkier than you are!

It’s not giving you any shape whatsoever, because your clothing is swallowing you up!

Now, some alternatives to this baggy dress style are a nice dark pair of denims, perhaps a slim fit, and of course, a nice casual trim-fit shirt.

Now I’m not suggesting that your clothes should be super tight fitting whatsoever, but they should be fit to your body type and not be overly big and baggy.

So anything loose or baggy? No. Anything that fits too tight? Absolutely not, either.

A neat fit is key – clothes should hug your body, not strangle you in it!

Fashion For Men Over 50 – Choosing Jeans

Men in their 50s should not wear jeans that look like they have been painted on their legs.

However, there is nothing wrong with shopping for a slimmer fit denim, with stretch fabric built in.

If you’re a bigger guy and you need some more room in your seat and thighs, look for athletic slim cut jeans because that’s exactly what they’re cut for. Just avoid the ‘painted on’ look, if possible.

You get more room right where you need it, with that nice taper from the knee down to your foot for a really nice tailored look.

Stretch fabric

And if you haven’t tried a pair of jeans with stretch built in, seriously, you do not know what you’re missing. Fashion for men over 50 can incorporate stretch jeans, don’t worry.

They feel almost like sweatpants and they’re incredibly comfortable and also very durable.

Also another tip is to find a local tailor and you can have some of your current items tailored to fit you a lot better.

For example, when you’ve got some shirts in your closet that fit well through the shoulders, but maybe too loose.

Definitely No Distressed Look

Another thing, no distressed anything. Nothing! That’s never going to work for you ever, ever, ever.

When you were in your 20s, yes perhaps; but now you’re in your 50s it’s a no no!

So if it’s distressed, toss it out! You want things to look clean and streamlined.

Logos On Clothes

Basically, if you are in your 50s, you want to avoid anything that has a logo on them, unless it’s like a sports jersey and you’re wearing it during a football game, a basketball game, or whatever.

But anything with logos, avoid! They just scream super young and it looks really out of place and often ‘cheap’.

So that means sometimes you’re going to have to avoid certain brands that have their logos on the item. , Because it’s just not going to look good very cool on you, in middle age.

So What Sort Of Shirts Should You Wear Over 50?

It’s totally fine to wear patterned shirts, but I might suggest keeping the pattern small and tight.

The larger the pattern and the brighter the colors, the more emphasis added to your midsection – because your eye is drawn right to that big bold pattern.

And if you’re not afraid of colors and patterns, that’s totally fine.

fashion for men over 50

Just try to dial back the scale and size of the patterns that you wear and also try to experiment with more muted colors and darker tones.

If you are a bit overweight choose darker colours

Darker colors are going to be a lot more slimming, because they absorb light and they don’t show a whole lot of contrast differences between lights and shadows.

They can hide problem areas a lot better, as opposed to light colors that reflect light and add bulk. For example, if you’re a bigger guy at top, try wearing dark color shirts with light color pants.

The lighter color on your lower half helps draw the eye a little bit and visually helps balance you out. Another thing you can do is incorporate dark monotone outfits.

For example, black or dark navy shirts with, say, medium gray pants can also help balance out your proportions visually.

Accessories For Middle Age Men

Avoid excessive aftershave or jewelry. I don’t know what it is, but older gentlemen, I think maybe sometimes they can’t smell very well or something!

So remember, just a tiny little splash, okay? When in doubt, a little spray, or go without any cologne.

Glasses can look sexy on an older man

Glasses are sexy on a man. It’s a maturity thing and a perceived sense of intelligence and a little bit of mystery, right?

Think of it like Clark Kent. He’s a regular guy, but he’s also Superman.

The cool thing with glasses is there’s like a million different styles and shapes and colors that you can swap out every day for different looks.

And a lot of younger guys in their 20s and 30s are wearing glasses without prescription lenses as simply an accessory – like a watch, a bracelet, or a necklace!

Jewellery On Older Men

For men reaching their fifth decade or beyond this really means you should be avoiding overly flashy or trendy pieces, when it comes down to jewellery.

A lot of over the top jewellery accessories are too associated with trendy pop cultures – making it appear as if you’re trying too hard to blend in with the youth.

So as far as jewelry is concerned, just have like one ring and a watch and that’s it. Yeah, that’s really it! Maybe if you want like one bracelet, ok….but keep it minimal.

Choosing A Stylish Belt

The next item on the list on men’s accessories, your belt.

I’d say most guys own one or maybe two belts max, right? The dark brown one that they wear all the time and the black one they wear when they kind of want to dress things up a little bit.

But I’m here to tell you, there are a lot of other options outside of just black and brown.

What about solid gray or what about solid blue or what about blue and red or blue and white?

What About Footwear And The Older Gentleman?

Nothing worse, when older men start wearing those old white or gray, New Balance shoes. Ugh!

Stick with a stylish sneaker. That’s classic.

Stylish sneakers can look great with jeans. But believe me, big white training (sports) shoes, just look, ugh!

And then sandals of all kinds – unless you’re at a swimming or beach, then don’t do it. They’re just a no no, if you want to look like a classy, stylish older man.

Wearing Boots

Don’t overlook Chelsea boots with jeans. Lots of women women think Chelsea boots with jeans is kind of a telltale sign that a guy just knows what he’s doing.

There’s just something about the sleekness of the Chelsea boot that women can find very sexy.

You can go with leather for, I guess, a more dressed up and refined look….or suede for a more classy, casual look.

Stylish Jackets For Men Over 50

Let’s talk about Leather jackets. Biker jackets, cafe racers, even bomber jackets. If it’s leather, I would avoid them. It just says, I want to look younger!

Instead, you actually want to go with a suede bomber jacket. It’s a little more matte looking.

And I think it doesn’t so much scream attention. Again, an older gentleman should not be like, ‘Hey, look at me’. A suede bomber actually just looks more appropriate and more refined.

So avoid leather. It just screams, midlife crisis. You don’t want to do that.

Men in their 50s should be much more classy and nonchalent, I guess, is the best way to describe it.

And suede is softer.

Blazers And Sports Jackets can look so good on older men

Are you in search of an effortless way to cultivate an air of sophistication in your wardrobe?

When building a stylish wardrobe for men over 50, it’s crucial to invest in blazers that are versatile, timeless and high-quality.

Look no further than the beloved sports coat or blazer. Perfect for casual outings, this adaptable jacket offers just the right touch of elegance, without making you feel too overdressed.

  1. Blazer Jackets: A well-tailored blazer is a staple in any man’s wardrobe. It’s versatile stylish, and can elevate a simple outfit into something more sophisticated. Opt for a navy blazer for its timeless appeal.
  2. Sports Jackets: For a more casual look, invest in a few sports jackets. They offer the same flattering silhouette as a blazer but are less formal, making them perfect for casual social events.

If you’re over 50, donning a well-fitted sports coat or blazer, is sure to elevate your style game and make the lady’s heads turn.

In the end it’s all about confidence

It’s all about confidence, and being confident in your clothing – and, of course, finding pieces and using tricks that can help your trouble spots.

Dressing well will do wonders for your overall confidence as a man.

Dressing stylishly as a man in your 50s can exude confidence and boost your self-esteem. It shows that you have taken the time and effort to present yourself in a positive light.

Which is both attractive and inspiring.

Dressing well enhances your personality, making people view you as more successful and competent.

The right outfit will help convey professionalism, sophistication or even casual elegance – all while defining who you are on the inside.

Consequently, cultivating an updated wardrobe will make you feel good about yourself, improve how others perceive you while creating lasting impressions.

It will transform how you feel about yourself and believe me, you will feel good!


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