Finding The Best Over 50s Dating Sites

Finding The Best Over 50s Dating Sites

Are you in your 50s, decided to throw yourself back into dating again and now looking for the best over 50s Dating Sites?

There has never been a better time to find love. Singles over 50 have many options to explore these days with the explosion of online dating sites.

This article will help you find your perfect match by reviewing the best dating sites for over 50s!

There Are Some Great Sites For Over 50s Dating

There are more middle aged people on dating sites now than ever before, so it’s not something you should be worried about doing at all.

No matter how old you get, there’s always a big chance that you’re going to get thrust back into the dating world. It really doesn’t matter how long you spent out of it.

You could find yourself right back in the middle of it and you’ll have to figure out how to navigate the whole thing and that’s likely going to be a challenge. Luckily for you, dating over 50 can be a lot more enjoyable than dating under it.

There are more than enough different sites that cater to people over the age of 50.

If you really want to get back into the dating pool then here are some of some the best over 50s dating sites that you can think about joining….

Senior Match Logo

For baby boomers and seniors, this is one of the most successful and largest dating sites for middle aged people! caters to older users over the age of 50 and does not accept users under 40. As a result, they are able to maintain a consistent age range that caters specifically to mature members who are looking for online dating.

Your long-term partner may have passed away or you may just have broken up with them. Perhaps you have been without someone special in your life for quite some time.

No matter what your life story is, they can help you find that special someone, whether it’s for a casual fling or a long-term relationship.

You can meet activity partners, travel companions, a new friend, your dream lover or your soulmate on!


If you’ve ever watched TV or been on the internet then you can’t have missed eHarmony.

We definitely have to include it as one of the best over 50s dating sites. What you get here is a quality site that really goes out of its way to get you good matches.

It’s a site that’s only for people who are seeking out serious relationships, so it’s best to make sure that you’re sure about getting back into the dating world first.

It provides a more mature dating option for those over 50.

silver singles

Speaking to others over 50 who have used Silver Singles, their feedback is generally good.  They found the site to be convenient and easy to navigate. It is one of the most popular dating sites for men and women over 50.

The signing-up process was actually simple and pretty efficient, with plenty of information about potential matches, immediately available.

The in-depth personality test, similar to other over 50s dating sites, was a bonus that matched them well with like-minded individuals.

The Best of The Rest

Our Time – Good For Over 50s Fifties Dating

Our Time is a site that’s all about mature dating and nothing else. There are currently over 7 million users on the site, so your chances here are very good. You’ll get a display of available people over the age of 50 who also happen to be right in your area. It makes it very easy to meet up with anyone you think might be a good match to spend some time with.


Just because other people are ready for a serious relationship doesn’t mean that you are. That’s where Match comes in. This site lets you seek out other people who are looking for something casual or serious. It’s up to you and what you want to get out of it. If you like to have control over the dating site that you’re using then this is one of the best that you can use.

Christian Mingle

If you want to meet someone who shares your faith then the first stop you want to make is at Christian Mingle. Dating can be difficult when you don’t know the belief system of the person you’re talking to, so it makes sense to make it easy on yourself. You’ll get matches in your area who all share your beliefs so you don’t end up being disappointed in the end.

best over 50s dating sites

Senior Friend Finder

Senior Friend Finder is mostly for people over the age of 60, but there are still plenty of people in their 50s on the site. It’s open to anyone who wants to use it and it’s filled with people who want to meet new friends. You can look for something serious or casual; it’s always up to you. Give it a shot with the free version and you might just decide that this is really the best site for you.

Millionaire Match For Over 50s Dating

When it comes to making sure you’re getting in touch with people who have led similar lives to you then you can’t go wrong with Millionaire Match. You don’t have to be exceedingly wealthy to use it. It’s mostly filled with lawyers and doctors who have spent their lives saving for their retirements. The best thing about it is that the site actually certifies its members so you always know what you’re getting into.

Silver Singles

If you want to keep having fun while you’re out there in the dating world then you really want to check out Silver Singles. This is a site that lets you fill out fun questionnaires while you’re browsing.

The questions that you answer will ensure that you get quality matches from across the site. It’s the best way to enjoy your time online while you look for someone.

Benefits Of Over Fifties Dating

Now you’ve considered the best over 50s dating sites, getting into a relationship in your 50s has a lot to offer and you just can’t underestimate how much of an effect that’s going to have on you.

When the person that you’re dating has already figured a few things out then you can really focus on getting to know each other and growing your relationship.

It leads to a much more fulfilling experience than you could have gotten at any other point in your life. That’s really just one of the ways that dating over the age of 50 is going to be a lot easier than you might be thinking it is.

Everyone is always on time

One of the biggest things that you can look forward to is your partner always being on time whenever you’re supposed to meet up with them. You’ll never have to deal with wondering if you got stood up ever again.

You can rely on them to be there when they’re supposed to be there and you’re never going to realize how happy that makes you until you experience it. You can actually set plans and stick to them and most people never get a chance to see what that’s like.

You just have to realize that dating someone is going to be a major part of someone’s life when they’re over the age of 50.

Setting up a time to get together isn’t just going to be a suggestion for them. When they say they can be there at a specific time, they’re going to be sure of it and they’re going to make sure that it happens.

That also means that you have to show them the same level of commitment. If you’re used to simply showing up whenever you want then you might not find yourself enjoying many second dates with anyone.

Their families will be warm to you

It doesn’t matter what your dating life used to be like. You could have been the type of person to only bring people home that your parents would have objected to. You could have also been the kind of person that received the objections.

None of that really matter anymore. The family that you’re going to be meeting is going to be totally different at this point in your life. Anyone that you meet is going to be very warm and very inviting to you. It also doesn’t matter what your date’s family looks like.

They could be your date’s children or they could be you date’s parents. Either way, they’re going to invite you into their homes and they’re going to treat you like family.

That’s’ because they really want the person that you’re dating to be as happy as possible and they’re not going to let anything stand in the way of that. When you meet the family, you can simply relax and enjoy your time with them.

You don’t have to impress them or make them accept you. You can just be yourself and they’ll come over to impress you.

There’s less jealousy

Finally, you can expect a whole lot less jealousy from the person that you’re dating. There’s just no time for it anymore.

There’s no reason to be jealous of anyone else when they’re with you. They can focus on you and only you. Jealousy is something that you grow to realize isn’t worth your time. If you didn’t want to be with the person that you’re with then you wouldn’t be. It’s really that simple.

You can go ahead with your relationship and you’ll never have to deal with any kind of jealousy ever again. Of course, that also means that you’ll be feeling less jealousy for yourself. You’ll realize that you can trust the person you’re dating and not have to worry about anything that happens to be going on.

Once you see how much better it is when you have a relationship without jealousy, you’ll want to keep it that way for as long as you possibly can.

You’ll realize that it’s much more fun to just be in the moment and have as much fun with your partner as you possibly can and that’s what dati

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