over 50s exercise

over 50s exercise

Staying fit and healthy becomes all the more important as you age, and over 50s training exercises can go a long way in helping you to achieve just that. Believe it or not, not all training exercises are made for all age groups.

In fact, by doing the wrong exercises, you might not only be preventing yourself from reaching your full potential, health wise, but you could also be putting yourself at risk of an injury.

The Pick Up

In order to do the “pick up”, you will need a weight of between 1 and 6 kg’s – it is up to you what you use, but a medicine ball or even an item from around the house will do really well. You will then start with the weight being placed between your feet.

From here, you will squat with your back kept straight, to pick up the weight. You will want to make sure that you lift the weight with your legs to avoid injury.

As you begin to rise, lift the weight first towards your chest, and then proceed to lift it right over your head. Your back should remain straight at all times.

You will then reverse the movement and place the weight back onto the ground. Be sure to complete at least 2 sets of these for up to 12 reps. If you can’t manage this many to begin with, start out slowly and build your strength.

The Forward Step

For this over 50s training exercise, you will once again need a weight of between 1 and 3 kg’s, depending on your fitness levels. You will want to start out by standing with your feet at least shoulder-width apart.over fifties exercise

You will need to start with the weight in your hands, before taking a step forward and lifting the weight at the same time. Lift the weight to at least shoulder height, but ensure that your back remains perfectly straight at all times.

If you arch your back, you will end up putting an unnecessary strain on this part of the body and that could lead to injury. You will then need to lower your weight while stepping backwards at the same time.

Start out slowly by doing about 2 sets of 8 reps – but once again, if you can’t do this many, start out slowly and work your way up. Remember to swap sides; if you started with your left leg, you need to start with your right leg on the next set.


For this over 50s training exercise, you will need a resistance band with a low or medium resistance, depending on your capabilities. You need to fasten the band to an anchor that is about chest-height.

Standing with your feet squared, you will want to take the band in your left hand and start pulling back, all the while ensuring that your elbow is kept high and your shoulder is kept low. Be sure to keep your back straight before completing 2 sets of about 15 reps.

There is a range of over 50s training exercises that will have you fighting fit in no time – all that is left is to get started.


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  2. It’s good to prepare in this manner, before jumping into an exercise regimen. I have back and neck issues, and have been using a medicine ball as well as small weights, for years. I also use resistance bands, and a few larger pieces of equipment. It’s important to develop and maintain flexibility as we age, and learning stretching exercises and practicing them on a regular basis is always a good idea. If you stop doing so for an extended period, it’s probably best to start from the beginning again, rather than risk an injury. Working out can be fun and enjoyable, and while I do these types of exercises at home, my favorite way to move my body is outside, in nature.

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