Fifty Years Old with Acne

Fifty Years Old with Acne

Fifty Years Old with Acne

Many people think that acne is a problem that you have to worry about in your teens, but it also affects older people from time to time as well…its quite possible to be fifty Years Old with Acne

It can be frustrating to run around with acne as old as 50, but it is more common than you think. Each case is different and there are several reasons why adults get acne. If you find yourself with acne over 50; there are things you can do to both prevent it and treat it.

The obvious choice would be to go to a dermatologists, but you may find that you can manage it yourself without having to go to a professional.

The two most common causes of acne are clogged pores and the growth of bacteria. Oil gets trapped under the skin giving the bacteria room to grow. White blood cells are dispatched to fight the bacteria which is what causes the swelling and redness.

Your hormones and genes are what determine your amount of acne. This is why teenagers most commonly get acne because their hormones are raging. Acne occurs when the sebaceous glands are stimulated by the increase in hormones.

When you get older, the sebaceous glands sometimes react adversely to the normal hormones that circulate with age.

Breakouts in people over 50 most often occur on the jaw line and the chin because this is where your oil glands are most influenced by your hormone balance.

If your oil glands are sensitive to these kinds of fluctuations; you are going to have some breakouts from time to time. They are usually manageable.

If your hormone imbalance makes the breakouts severe, there are many skin therapies you can try that target people who are older. Many of these products also serve as anti-aging treatments.

I wouldn’t advise too much experimentation on your own when it comes to your skin care. If you treat it with over-the-counter treatments make sure to start out small and not use anything that is too harsh on the skin and DO NOT use acne treatments for teenagers.

The origin of your acne is likely different from the conditions that these treatments are for. Simply cleaning your face more thoroughly with moisturizing cleansers might just do the trick and you can avoid treatments altogether.

Over the counter treatments are good for small blemishes, but deep or excessive acne should always be treated by a doctor.

A major survey found that over 15 percent of women and over 7 percent of men over 50 have acne. It is more common in women because they are more likely to suffer shifts in hormone levels, especially around menopause.

There are some birth control pills that can help regulate hormone fluctuation in women. There is also some blood pressure medication that is sometimes used to treat acne in people over 50.

Eating right, getting proper exercise and cleaning your face properly might just be enough to stop your acne. If you are fifty Years Old with Acne and it’s severe and/or hormonal; it’s best to consult a physician.


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One thought on “Fifty Years Old with Acne

  1. Hormonal fluctuations and stress sure can cause issues with skin, such as acne, and cold sores, as well. Thankfully, most are mild, but as the article states, some are more severe, and should be addressed with your physician. Another avenue to look at is your diet. Try keeping a food journal for a few weeks, logging everything you eat and drink (list your amount of sleep, as well, since that can also factor into your skin’s health), and then take a look at what you’ve been putting into your body, and how you can improve on your nutrition. Hopefully small changes in diet and the amount and quality of sleep you get, as well as adding in some exercise, will bring about the positive changes in your skin, and the situation will resolve.

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