Ultimate Guide to Free Over 50 Dating sites For UK Singles

Ultimate Guide to Free Over 50 Dating sites For UK Singles

If you’re over 50, like I am, you will probably find the UK dating scene a bit of a minefield. Especially when it comes to Free UK dating sites for over 50s.

It certainly is not as easy as it was when we were younger. 

Plenty of dating sites and apps do exist of course. So in that sense, it’s never been easier to find that special someone.

However, most cater for a younger demographic, so a vast majority of over 50 singles in the UK, don’t have a huge choice when it comes to the best free dating sites. 

Over 50s Dating In The UK

As I say, there are really only a handful of sites that are dedicated to the over 50s. 

If you live in the UK, like me, you will naturally be more interested in dating sites catering to a United Kingdom demographic.

Well… That is unless you want to meet someone who lives overseas, but I think that’s probably unlikely.

There are several (kinda) free UK dating sites, which target the over 50s and have been very effective in bringing thousands of people together for many years now.

So hopefully, my dating advice / reviews will give you some pointers for the dating game.

I’ll give you the pros and cons of some of the best online dating sites for over 50s here in the UK. I know because I am one of those over 50s.

So What Are The Best Dating Sites For Over 50s

eHarmony For UK Singles Over 50

E-harmony is probably the first site I would kick off with. As a person over 50 myself who has used eHarmony to meet others in the UK, I can say that it’s a very good dating site – especially for those seeking serious relationships, ie looking for love.

It must easily have a million members, so if you are looking for love online, it’s hard to look past eHarmony to find like-minded singles over 50.

The dashboard is easy to work and straightforward, so you don’t have to be tech-savvy to navigate your way on eHarmony. 

Is It Truly A Free Online Dating Site?

It’s free to join initially, but of course, there may be added costs for different features.

However, to be honest, that is true of all big UK dating sites. There are very few of what I would call a truly 100% free dating site.

Still, don’t be discouraged by that –  it’s certainly free to join and you can get a really good idea of the site’s potential and also the potential for meeting partners, without having to spend any money. So I wouldn’t hesitate to say sign up, as it is a great way to meet new people.

It’s very good in terms of over 50s dating

It uses advanced algorithms based on your personality tests and preferences to match compatible over 50s partners. That’s a useful feature, as it can automatically locate other members who are more than likely to be a better fit for you.

Free Over 50 Dating sites For UK

The sign-up process, when you are doing your dating profile, is a bit time-consuming, as they ask quite a lot of in-depth questions about your hobbies, interests, religion or faith, values etc.. But then again,  this ensures that the matches you get are ideally suited for long-term companionship.

As someone over 50 who wanted a meaningful relationship with fewer games involved, this was perfect for me.

There are so many weird people on dating sites, it can be a relief to cut through the dross,  potentially eliminating people you would have no interest in normally.

However, I do know some users who found their expansive questionnaire too intrusive during signup.

Another thing was its slightly higher cost per month compared to other dating sites (due to their unique features offered).

Still, eHarmony has actually been responsible for thousands of successful marriages –  which goes a long way in showing how effective the site truly is when it comes to really meeting someone and embarking on a genuine relationship.  

Silver Singles For The Over 50s

Silver Singles: Speaking to other over 50s who have used Silver Singles, their feedback is generally good.  They found the site to be convenient and easy to navigate. It is one of the most popular dating sites for men and women over 50.

The signing-up process was actually simple and pretty efficient, with plenty of information about potential matches, immediately available.

The in-depth personality test, similar to other over 50s dating sites, was a bonus that matched them well with like-minded individuals.

best dating sites for over 50 UK

It is more dedicated to people over 50 than some other sites

A standout feature is their user-friendly interface, which is designed exclusively for middle-aged people, like you and I.  So it is nice to know that we are catered for in this way by silver singles. 

If you are looking for a serious relationship or companionship, or maybe even casual dating, you are likely to find it a very good dating service. 

Another neat feature is the compatibility score, which suggests how likely it is that you’ll get along with other like-minded singles in your local area.

How good is it for dating in the UK?

However, one problem people faced was the lower number of active members, compared to some other bigger dating websites.

That made it harder sometimes to find someone suitable within the UK area.

Again it is free to join, and you will get a very good feel for the site by signing up.  There is a premium membership, which comes at a bit of a higher cost as well. Maybe even more than other websites.

But overall, silver singles has a pretty good reputation as a dating website for the over 50s. Its match-making methods have been successful in helping many like-aged adults over 50 connect.

The Challenges We Face With Mature Dating

Let’s face it when you are in your 50s, going down the local pub ‘to pull’ isn’t exactly our ideal way of meeting someone these days.

It’s highly unlikely you will meet like-minded people, on a drunken night out.  Most of us are past that stage, so our options are limited.

That’s why I feel it is often worthwhile to subscribe to one of the better dating sites. As they say in life you often get what you pay for – so while 100% free might sound attractive when it comes to a dating site; the chances are it will be full of weirdos and people you want to avoid.

Therefore paying a few quid a month, in order to potentially meet a life partner, is probably a fair exchange.

Especially when you’re in your 50s and it is not as easy to meet other singles in our local UK area.  

What Happened To Plenty of Fish UK For Free Dating

If you’re in your 50s now,  you would probably have to have been living under a rock not to have known of Plenty Of Fish. The dating site that took the UK by storm, between 2005 and 2015.

Although they eventually introduced paid membership, you could always choose between free or paid. It had lots of singles near every city in the UK and a huge number of members.

It was one of the most popular sites in the UK. Used by thousands of people, including myself! 

The great thing about Plenty of Fish (POF) is that it was genuinely free. Paied membership only came later.  It was brilliant for mature dating and meeting people. It had lots of like-minded people in almost every area throughout the UK.

Not only could you sign up for free, but it was one of the easiest dating sites to use.

For single men and women throughout the United Kingdom, it had to be the best place for free over 50s dating. 

You used to be able to browse profile pictures, without even having to sign up. It was such an easy way to meet someone in your locality, and in terms of free sites and free memberships, it was the best.

In around 2015, POF was acquired by Match.com, to add to their stable of dating sites. I don’t think it was quite the same after that.

The Lumen Dating App For People Over 50

You have maybe heard of Lumen. It was a dating app that launched back in 2019, specifically targeted at over-50s. It didn’t last that long but it has since merged with SilverSingles to form a bigger dating platform (in terms of online dating sites and apps). 

That merger enabled  Lumen members to access Silver Singles subscription dating pool and thus benefit from their desktop site’s communication features for a more in-depth interaction.

So if you are wondering where lumen went, that’s where it disappeared to.

Good Luck In Your Online Dating Adventures

So I just want to finish by saying, if you are in the UK and looking for good quality dating sites, hopefully they above sites might fit the bill.

You can decide whether paid membership is for you or not…either way join them for free initially anyway.  


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