Can a Fifty Year Old Get in Shape? Absolutely.

Can a Fifty Year Old Get in Shape? Absolutely.

Can a Fifty Year Old Get in Shape

Can a Fifty Year Old Get in Shape? Unless you have some debilitating illness that doesn’t allow you to be mobile; the answer is yes!

Of course you can get in shape if you are over 50. If you can get up and walk around, you can get in shape.

Some people live under the false assumption that, once they hit 50, it’s ‘over’ for them physically.

These people obviously have not been to the movies in the last ten years. More and more leading men, and even some leading ladies, are approaching 50 or in fact, over 50.

People over 50 are more desirable than ever before and it’s because more and more people are realizing that 50 is not the end.

The Benefits of Staying in shape

It’s just the beginning of a new stage in your life. It might be a little more difficult to get in shape than it once was, but it’s certainly not impossible.

As a matter of fact; maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial in your fifties because it helps you fight many of the health complications that come with age.

Working out after 50 not only keeps your energy level up, it helps you fight pain and illness.

People who work out regularly usually get sick less and they manage illness much better.

There are also aches and pains that occur naturally as your body ages that you can manage and even stop by working out for a few minutes a day.

The older you get, the better you might become at coming up with reasons NOT to work out, but you have to fight the urge to take it easy in your old age.

Starting Of Slowly

You might think that you have lived much of your life and you just want to relax. You can do all the relaxing you want, but you have to add some exercise to your routine as well.

The more you neglect exercise as you age, the faster your body will deteriorate. Regular workouts tend to turn back the clock a little.

Your body is slowly breaking down and there is nothing you can do to stop it, but you can certainly slow it down with exercise.  Can a Fifty Year Old Get in Shape?

Working out over 50 has several benefits both physical and mental and can actually prolong your life.

This is why it’s so important to know the answer to the question “can a fifty year old get in shape”.

It can certainly improve the quality of it. Have a read through our over 50s forum for tips and advice from other over fifty year olds

You are fighting the natural process of age and you can’t fight if you just sit around.

Age will catch up with you eventually and you won’t have the strength to fight it if you don’t work out. You have to stay active, even if it hurts.

How Should a Fifty Year Old Get in Shape? By Listening to Their Bodies

You may find that many of those pains disappear the more you work out. That is not to say that you should strain yourself. Always listen to your body.

There is a difference between being sore from working out and pain from an injury. It’s best that you find out the difference right away so you will not injure yourself.

Be sure to do light stretches before and after every workout and, if something causes you excessive pain, stop doing it.

And most importantly, if something doesn’t feel right, stop and take some time to adjust your movement.

If you’re ever worried, it’s important that you speak to your doctor about any concerns you might have.

So next time you ask yourself, can a Fifty Year Old Get in Shape…you know its a resounding yes!

5 thoughts on “Can a Fifty Year Old Get in Shape? Absolutely.

  1. I am glad to see and hear of kindred 50 year olders and over.. You are correct about mental and physical workout! To me, I’m thrilled to have my life back — slowly following me with pleasure and excitement. So, getting back into shape and well-being for myself sure is a benefit to me and to those around me. Being fit and in shape boosts my countenance. I’m happier and brigther!

  2. My idea of working out has changed and evolved with me as I’ve aged. I used to walk for miles and miles and swim daily, on top of using machines at the gym, but I no longer belong to a gym. My workouts now are more focused on gaining and maintaining flexibility than building muscles, and involve a lot of stretching, light weights, and shorter walks out in nature, which is more enjoyable to me than using a treadmill in a gym.

  3. Sure! You should be aware of your limitations and be able to understand when to stop, but otherwise getting in shape is just as (im)possible as when we were twenty. In fact, if you *have* been regularly participating in physical activities since you were 20, being fit should come naturally.

  4. I’m 49, almost 50 and I believe it’s definitely possible to get in shape over 50. My history is not strongly athletic, Throughout my twenties I waitressed which required a great deal of walking and made my arms and legs very strong. Throughout my thirties and early forties I periodically dabbled in yoga, a little walking, aerobics, and use of a treadmill. However I was never consistent in any of those activities. By mid forties I was doing little to no exercise and by age 47 I noticed a significant loss of tone and strong muscle, especially in my legs, A friend had told me it is more difficult to maintain muscle as you head towards 50 and beyond.. In my case I found that to be true. I started cycling regularly several years ago, about 20 miles or so a week and my leg tone is now right back to where it was ten or fifteen years ago. It does takes more effort to maintain good muscle tone and build muscle heading towards age 50 and beyond but it is completely doable. In my case I noticed a significant improvement in leg tone within two months of cycling..

  5. What a great article! This article has been encouraging to me. Lately I’ve been so lazy and just don’t have the energy to work out. I’m 53, so I know I need to get back into my exercises. When I did workout, I felt so good. I was full of energy. I knew when I had to take my time because of normal aches and pains. I kept my weight and my blood pressure down. I just need to get back into the flow of working out.

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