50 Year Olds With Great Bodies

50 Year Olds With Great Bodies

Just because you get older, that doesn’t mean you should give up on having a body that most 20-year-old’s will envy.

In fact, there are many 50 year olds with great bodies that are doing just that.

There is something about a toned, muscled physique that takes decades off of a person’s age, so if you want to look younger, you  might have to start thinking about hitting the gym, if you aren’t already.

If you wonder if fifty years olds can get back in shape, yes they can indeed!  Here’s how you can do it too

If you still don’t believe that you can have a stunning body once you reach the second half decade of your life, here are a few examples of women who have managed to keep themselves in such tip top shape.

Not only that, but they have managed to keep stylish as well.  Many of them are the envy of most of the western world.

Liz Hurley

liz hurley

What can we say about Liz Hurley that hasn’t already been said. At 55, she looks pretty amazing, I think we all agree.

The model and swimsuit designer regularly shares images of herself on her Instagram page. She invariably looks toned and radiant in her stylish bikinis from her swimsuit label, and its well known that she enjoys and practices a healthy lifestyle in order to keep in fabulous shape.

The star says she tries to drink two cups of hot water first thing in the morning to boost her metabolism and boost her gut function.

Ok, she admits it tastes pretty unpleasant,  But mainstains it’s great for your digestive system.”

She follows it up with a much more tasty bowl of Greek yoghurt, banana and a little honey.

Diane Lane

Diane Lane, a well-known Hollywood figure, looks stunningly radiant and fit, even as she ages.

Her health and vitality are evident in her luminous skin and lively eyes, results of her diligent self-care and wellness practices.

She maintains an active lifestyle, which helps her keep a fit and toned physique, defying her age gracefully.

Lane’s timeless style, both on and off the red carpet, is an additional testament to her youthful spirit. Her overall radiance, warmth, and vitality remind us that age is just a number.

Elisabeth Halfpapp

Halfpapp is one of two creators of Core Fusion, and her name is synonymous with fitness.

fifty year olds with great bodies

Not only does she have a great body at 52, and the knowledge to turn just about anyone’s body into a carbon copy of her own, but she also takes nutrition very seriously.

Don’t think that her lifestyle is all about working out and eating well, since she and her husband do enjoy a good glass of wine every now and again. It just goes to show that fifty year olds with great bodies and who keep in shape still get to have fun.

Having a great body isn’t just about being young, even though age definitely helps. These women are proof that fifty year olds with great bodies are just about everywhere – it seems the direction to the fountain of youth is no longer such a secret anymore.


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2 thoughts on “50 Year Olds With Great Bodies

  1. I admire all the beauty ladies that were mentioned above. I believe getting out, and being active is key to staying young. Of course as we age our ability to do certain actives is limited. I personally fear breaking a bone more then anything. Our bodies don’t recover as fast from injury.

    Eating a healthy diet is as important if not more so then actives at least in my opinion. Putting them both together is a great way to keep looking, and feeling good at any age.

  2. I know one 50-year-old with an amazing body: me. Ha-ha.
    Kidding aside, to be fit at 50, you also have to have worked hard for fifty years. No need to go to the gym, hard physical work from the childhood and a healthy diet does wonders. Although I don’t think it’s quite fair to compare the average woman’s body at 50 with celebrities’ bodies. They have a whole team of professionals working behind them, and the right angle, the right lightning and a little touch of photo editing could make even me into a magazine cover worthy model.

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