Over 50s Travel

Over 50s Travel

Seeing the world is something that draws people of all ages, but not everyone looks for the same things in a getaway destination.

People who are interested in over 50s travel might not be interested in spending time in hostels, drinking until sunrise as part of a beach disco or even backpacking for hours on end across mountainous terrain, and this is why certain destinations are more suitable to individuals within this age group than others.

What Do Over 50s Want in a Holiday?

Before you can decide which over 50s travel destinations are best suited to your tastes, it might be helpful to spend some time thinking about what other over 50s look for in their getaway destinations.

According to a recent survey, the most important thing that most people over 50 look for in a holiday destination is being immersed in the local culture, and for this reason, activities such as sightseeing and visiting museums were deemed the most appealing options.

It also seems as though many people are now choosing to travel with loved ones. According to another survey conducted, older individuals regret not travelling with their families more often, which means that over 50s travel options tend to come as group packages – after all, it is never too late to make the most of that next, exciting holiday.


Australia is currently one of the most popular destinations for over 50s and there are a wide range of reasons for this. Firstly, Australia has a warm and inviting climate – not only is it sunny for most of the year, but it also boasts great beaches and exciting sightseeing opportunities.

Australia is home to the Great Barrier Reef, among other natural wonders, and this makes for great family-oriented experiences, such as snorkelling and diving.

Furthermore, Australia is an extremely safe tourist destination, which is another reason it is such a family-friendly option.


Since over 50s travel packages tend to focus on sightseeing and culture immersion opportunities, Italy is one of the most prime destinations for both these reasons.

Italy not only boasts some of the most historically significant landmarks in the world, including the Colosseum, but the locals are friendly and often more than willing to share their world-renowned culinary skills, and a few stories, with visitors from all over the world.


Ireland is another European favourite among those looking for over 50s travel opportunities. This country is perhaps best known for the friendly locals, although the stunning countryside will likely impress anyone who steps foot onto its over fifties travelsoil.

Visitors should keep in mind that rain is a constant throughout the year – but as the locals say, it is also the reason the country is so green.

Choosing a 50s travel package can be difficult, what with all of the options out there, but there is also something thrilling about knowing that there are vast areas of the world yet to explore, and cultures to discover. Ultimately, this only adds to the appeal of booking a new trip each year.

One thought on “Over 50s Travel

  1. Ah, travel. This article makes me longer for it, but with tight money right now it is not an option. 🙁 I would love to go to any of the countries mentioned here. In my first marriage I traveled to England and Italy, and it was such a joy. My family would love it there. Anyone who is interested in culture would love it as well.

    Remember though, taking a holiday doesn’t mean having to go a thousand miles away. You can have a fun outing at the beach, or a picnic at a nearby park. Travelling to another state can be an adventure, as well. There are a lot of great inexpensive holiday options that can be done without leaving your home country.

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