Are Over Fifties More Adventurous On Holidays?

Are Over Fifties More Adventurous On Holidays?

Are over fifties more adventurous on holidays? The short answer is yes and here’s why.

The Over 50s are far more inclined to immerse themselves in local culture compared to younger travellers, according to a survey of 2,000 adults completed by a holiday business. This study looked at exploring what travellers want from their holidays when they leave home.

Firstly, the study showed that overall, over 50s are just friendlier when they’re away. According to the study, 41 percent of the over 50s will make new friends when overseas, while just a third of younger adults stated exactly the exact same. This certainly ensures that over 50s win the social trophy when they’re away, but this surely isn’t everything when it comes to deciding whether your ready to hand over the “over fifties more adventurous on holidays” trophy.

Well, that’s not all. the study also shows that those under 30 will also be nearly 3 times more likely to feel anxious about undergoing local customs and cultures when overseas than older travellers, making over fifties more adventurous on holidays simply because they’re happy to immerse themselves in the experience.

A spokeswoman for TUI Tours, that completed the research to coincide with the launching of a new programme that provides local adventures in far-flung destinations such as Borneo and Uzbeckistan, stated: “This study indicates a true thirst for travelling into more unidentified and unconventional nations.

“They’re after all, the first free-spirited adventurers of their 60s and 70s and they need more from their journeys than simply a beach flop”

The analysis also discovered that driving and purchasing will also be actions elderly holidaymakers are pleased to undertake while overseas, which means that they’re really rubbing shoulders with the locals as they find out more about the destinations to which they are travelling.

over fifties more adventurous on holidays

Older Tourists Buy More On Holidays

But, Brits under 30 are somewhat braver in regards to embracing local customs like wearing proper clothing – 21 percent versus 16 percent of their over-50s.

And people in their fifties and sixties will also be a lot more likely to decide on multi-destination vacations – breaks in which they take in many places and encounter many websites – compared to younger generation. This might seem a little stressful to younger generations, but those over 50 are looking at it as the chance to embrace the unknown.

Researchers also discovered the drive for daring traveling comes out of a desire to know what happens in different nations (13 percent ). Maybe it’s something about learning about a different culture and place that drives those over 50 to get on a plan and head somewhere completely new.

Nearly a fifth are hankering after more real adventures compared to the typical sun, sand and sea vacations while you in 20 wish to have interesting tales to share with other people.

And over one in 10 have numerous nations they would like to tick off their bucket listing.

With age comes a certain degree of confidence and expertise obviously, which might result in a willingness to really go off the beaten track.

“Everyone enjoys their vacations, however the over 50’s also prefer to return house armed with More understanding about where they have been, realizing they left a positive Impact on the regional communities too.”

So what makes over fifties more adventurous on holidays? It seems that they want more from their vacations, and this shows. Rather than sit back enjoying the sun and sea, they are looking to really get something from their time away from home and this makes them the perfect travellers, no matter where their destination lies.


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  1. I can’t wait for this whole pandemic to quiet down so we can all travel the world once more. I can hardly wait for that moment! We will be travelling for months in a row just to make up for the wasted time. We’re usually going on a 30-day traveling trip with a group of 10 friends but after this pandemic, I think our number will go up. It’s going to be lots of fun! I love learning about new cultures, testing new foods and seeing new places!

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