Jobs For Over Fifty Year Old Women

Jobs For Over Fifty Year Old Women

Choosing to start a career, or even choosing to change careers, can be difficult at any age, but at 50, there are a variety of additional challenges that women face when they enter the market.

Factors such as salary, and whether you are going to find something that both challenges and satisfies you, make it difficult to settle on a great career, but the good news is that there are a range of jobs for over fifty year old women that fall into these categories.

Let’s Look at A Few Examples Of Jobs Suitable For Over 50s Women

The Grant Coordinator

The job of a grant coordinator is to write requests for funding for organizations, whether they are charity-based or not. As a coordinator, you will not only be in charge of writing these grants, but you will also be in charge of coordinating the requests, right through to receiving them.

There are many organizations that are completely reliant on grants in order to keep running, including schools and many different charity-based organizations, so it is a job that is both stimulating and rewarding.

As you become more adept at this job, you might find that you have the chance to consult for companies, instead of working directly for them.

These types of jobs for over 50 year old women are brilliant because they allow women to choose their hours without compromising the stability that comes with making a good salary.

The Online Content Writer

Work-from-home projects tend to be some of the most popular jobs for over 50 year old women because they allow women the chance to make money and continue running their households.

Most companies want an online presence in this day and age, and this means that online writers are being hired to create content for websites, blogs and even marketing materials.

The great thing about this sort of job is that you don’t need a qualification to get your foot in the door – you simply need to have a passion (and a skill) for the written word.

As an online content writer, you will have the option to pick from working full time for a company in your area, or choose to freelance.

Keep in mind that while freelancing allows you the freedom to choose your work schedule, it also comes with less stability, and you need to be willing to sell your skills every opportunity that you get.

The Tutor

Once people reach their fifties, they tend to have a sound working knowledge of a broad range of subjects – if you fall into this category, tutoring might be a great option.

One of the great things about these sorts of jobs for over 50 year old women is that they allow you to pick the subject, as well as the grade you are interested in teaching.

As you get older, you might begin to feel as if you have fewer and fewer opportunities available, but the experience, knowledge and skills you accumulate throughout the years can go a long way in helping you find a career that will leave you feeling fulfilled and supported all at once.


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10 thoughts on “Jobs For Over Fifty Year Old Women

  1. Where have all the jobs-for-eagerlies over 50 gone? Challenges are attached with age. But I take them as something good and exciting. But for jobs? I’m apprehensive about handing my CV for the very first time after 30 years.

    I would choose a, employment without having to use brain work. A job that my brains will fail me at work. So, I’ve been imagining working at a food court– cleaning lady with an apron. Not as a waitress, because I will have to memorize the menu. The reason why this noble line of work is that I love people– observing them (not staring) and hear some conversations (not deliberate) here and there. I think my training with kitchen cookery, food-handling, and as cleaner– I’d do well. πŸ™‚

    By the of the year, my book novel with my special characters (from the food court) would have been finished.

    I’d still freelance write, if I could find the time.

  2. I actually found this website while looking for ways to help my mom find work! She’s bee so bored at home and wants to be put to good use. She was volunteering at our local soup kitchen often so I decided to urge her to make some extra cash and get a job! (No pressure of course, I just knew she needed a little nudge in the right direction!) This article mentions tutoring, and I think that’s excellent, I’m definitely going to give her that idea, she used to tutor math during her high school years πŸ™‚

  3. It’s funny to find myself at this post. I am a professional woman who has her own business working from home while I am able to tend to my household and my child. (Although I’m 50 I have an 8 year old son so I am living in two generations sometimes it seems.) I do very satisfying work and I don’t wish or plan to abandon it, but lately I have been feeling the need for a challenge to do something else. Particularly something that capitalizes on all of my life experience. I do like the idea of tutoring and writing online content. I am looking into this now and I thank you for addressing this topic just as I was thinking about it.

  4. It is really sad that people dont want to employ older women. I find that really sexist and also its unfair that you deny a possibility to get a job just because of age. These women still have 10+ years of time to work, just give them a chance to get back in the working industry.

  5. I do all sorts of things from home to try, and add additional income to our household. It’s just my husband and myself these days. He is pushing sixty, and still drives a truck for a living. So all the income comes from him basically. I do crafting as well as cook to make a little extra. I also work online in different areas it’s not a great deal of money I make by any means, but it helps out.

  6. These are certainly some options for women over 50, but there are also other opportunities. My Mom went back to work around this age, as a bank teller, and then got her real estate license. Each person is an individual, with her own skills and abilities, and well as sometimes, limitations, so those should be taken into account when seeking employment, but don’t let age stop you from doing whatever you’re able.

  7. As a woman over 50, I can say that discrimination due to my gender is something that I have faced very frequently ever since I started working as a young girl, and now that I am faced with an extra burden-discrimination due to my age-I often feel helpless. It seems like nobody is interested in women as professional workers once they pass the age of 35, even if they have plenty of relevant experience in the field. It’s really disappointing.

  8. This discrimination is something that I have been struggling with recently as well. So many jobs are eager to push you for retirement after you reach a certain age. It’s as if 50s women are simply not useful anymore. I am certainly glad this article suggested these things. I will definitely consider the tutelage option as I was once a teacher back in the early days. However, I am unsure how the online content writers work. Can anyone enlighten me about that?

    Thanks for this article.

  9. Despite the experience and skills that the older workforce brings along, most companies do not want to employ them. I personally regard this as discrimination because they are more committed to their work than the boomers. If this continues to happen year after year, the society will have more and more old people who depend on hand-outs.

    However, all is not lost as this generation can still keep themselves engaged in other ways. My mum, for-example works from home as a content writer and our next door neighbor works as a part-time tutor. I find these jobs very satisfying to them since they work at their own pace while at the same time enjoying the comfort of the home and avoiding the hustles of driving to and from work.

  10. It does really depend on where you are looking. I have been out of work for many years raising a family. I do online projects that earn me money from time to time. There are companies online that help people to find jobs. I applied to a few and did get hired. Unfortunately, I have a very slow internet connection which hindered me from keeping them. I also notice that there are low-salaried jobs that are available in my area. I have a medical condition which hinders me from applying to any local stores. So for now, I will continue to search for an online job that I can do at home.

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