10 Actors In Their Fifties

10 Actors In Their Fifties

The old adage “aging like a fine wine” couldn’t be more apt when it comes to actors in their fifties.

For some of these beloved characters who have likely been on our screens for decades, age is nothing more than a number – in fact, it seems as though they’re only getting more attractive with every passing year.

If you’re wondering which of your favourite silver screen stars have been on the earth for half a century, read on – you might be surprised at who is on this list.

Brad Pitt

Has any name ever been more synonymous with good looks than Brad Pitt? I think not.

Men and women alike have been fanning over him since he leapt onto our screens and into our hearts in Thelma and Louise and age doesn’t seem to have slowed him down one bit.

While he’s had his share of personal drama over the past few years, in our eyes, he’ll always be a leading man.

Nicole Kidman

This Aussie beauty has only just slid into the half decades and she’s done it with all the grace that we’ve come to expect from her.

If you’re looking for a style icon for your fifties, this one is definitely one to watch as she graces the covers of fashion magazines the world over almost every other month.

Cate Blanchett

There must be something about the Aussie air that makes a lady look younger because right on the heels of Nicole Kidman in the looks department is none other than Melbourne-born Cate Blanchett. If anyone could embody the powerful and beautiful 7,000-year-old Lady Galadriel from Lord of the Rings, it was her.

Robert Downey Jr.

If there’s anyone that can prove you don’t have to grow up when you’re grown up, it’s Marvel actor Robert Downey Jr.

He just goes to show that you can still play dress-up well into your fifties – not to mention winning the hearts of millions around the world – and have fun doing it.

Actors In Their Fifties -Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is now on the wrong side of fifty but he’s making it look so right by retaining that mischievous smile and boyish good looks that we all came to love when he slid into our hearts in Risky Business.

His personal life hasn’t been all sunshine and roses, however, but it seems that nothing can get him down as he is rumoured to be the most upbeat and positive actor in Hollywood.

Maybe that’s what is keeping him looking young – he is refusing to age simply by will alone!

It might surprise you to learn that at one point, this heartbreaker wanted to join a seminary – it’s safe to say that Mission Impossible just wouldn’t have been possible without him!

Sandra Bullock

While Sandra Bullock was born and raised in the United States, her family actually has German roots.

She has a reputation for being one of the sweetest people in Hollywood, but she is so much more than that. Many people don’t realise that she speaks German, among her many talents, but you won’t hear her speaking publicly because she’s quite self-conscious about these abilities.

Sandra also has two adopted children and there are reports she’s considering adopting a third – talk about living life at fifty!

Julia Roberts

Who else would remain the world’s “pretty woman” decades after the movie hit the silver screen?

Julia Roberts has shown that she can step into just about any role thrown at her and she’s been nominated for no fewer than four academy awards, as well as taking home the award for best actress in 2000 for her role in Erin Brockovich.

At 53, she’s stylish and still going strong and we can’t wait to see what she’s doing next.

Viola Davis

Viola Davis might seem like a newcomer to the Hollywood scene but she’s actually been around for decades – it makes you wonder why it’s taken her so long to explode onto our screens as she’s certainly not short on talent.

She earned her first Tony Award as far back as 1996 and has since won the world’s hearts by stepping into roles like Aibileen Clark in The Help or Netflix’s How to Get Away with Murder.

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx can just about do it all – sing, rap, act and dance. Is there anything he can’t do? He’s taken on some iconic roles in just about every genre, including legendary tales like Robin Hood and biopics like Ray.

Helena Bonham Carter

Another of those incredibly versatile actresses is none other than Helena Bonham Carter, who most recently has stepped into the role of the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret.

It could be said that she’s a good match for the fiery spirit that was Margaret as Bonham Carter is no wallflower herself.

She’s usually seen partnered with Johnny Depp in her ex-husband’s films, but perhaps now that they have split, she’s looking a bit further afield for some interesting roles.


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