Nine Things Turning 50 in 2019

Nine Things Turning 50 in 2019

If 40 is the new 30, then 50 is the new 40, and if you’re about to reach this incredible milestone, you’ll be in great company.

turning 50 in 2019

As it turns out, there are a variety of exciting celebrities, anniversaries and things turning 50 in 2019.

Jennifer Anniston

Without a doubt, Jennifer Anniston must be the most beloved Friend and we’ve watched her go from uncertain, broke 20-something on one of our favourite shows, to a self-assured and confident woman who is leading the rest of the pack when it comes to accepting who you are, no matter what box you tick on the age category.

When asked about how she feels about turning the big 5-0, Anniston stated in a recent interview that she believed it was something to be celebrated.

Gwen Stefani

It seems like just yesterday that Gwen Stefani was “just a girl” and now she’s joining a long list of A-listers who will be turning half a decade years old in 2019.

Stefani has had a fulfilling career as a singer/songwriter and is a mum to three children. She’s already sold 30 million albums throughout the world and there’s no indication that her success is going to grind to a halt any time soon.

The First Transplant of the Human Eye

One of the things turning 50 in 2019 is the anniversary of the first transplant of the entire human eye, which was conducted on John Madden who was 54 at the time. While the transplant itself was a success at first, it took only 9 days for the graft to fail.


Woodstock took place from August 15th to 17th on a New York Farm, with over 400,000 people in attendance.

Some of the most popular bands in the world would end up taking the stage at this event, including Jimi Hendrix and the Who, and it would go on to become the most memorable event in the music world – something that continues to be commemorated to this day.

The Release of Abbey Road

The Beatles released their very last album in 1969 – which means that it is one of the things turning 50 in 2019. This album features some of their most popular songs, including Here Comes the Sun, Oh! Darling and Some Together.

The moment the album was released, it became an instance chart topper, staying in the US and UK charts for more than 80 weeks. It was for the cover of this album that the Beatles convened for that legendary stroll across Abbey Road in London, UK – something that fans across the world now immolate in memory of one of the greatest bands to ever assemble.

The End of the Aliens

While most people might not be aware of it, the American government officially looked into the existence of aliens as they undertook a project called Blue Book.

During this time, the government compiled more than 12,000 reports on sightings of UFO’s (unidentified flying objects) in order to determine whether they existed – and possibly posed a threat to humans.

It was in 1969 that the government admitted they had no evidence that suggested their existence and concluded that the project was too costly to run. It was then that the project was ended.

The Tate / LaBianca Murders

Sadly, 2019 will mark the 50th anniversary of the killing spree instigated by Charles Manson and carried out by members of his “family”. The murders began on August 8th and ended the next day – by the time it was over, six people were dead, including the unborn child of Sharon Tate.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street would become one of the most beloved children’s television series of all time and it all started when the Muppet characters introduced themselves to the world in 1969.

It was on this show that puppeteers such as Jim Henson was given the chance to bring characters like Kermit the Frog to life. Since then, the show has gone on to entertain children throughout the world with not only the series, but also movies.

The Moon Landing

On the 20th July 2019, it will have been 50 years since Neil Armstrong uttered the words “that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

During this time, America was immersed in the Vietnam War and the Space Race was a welcome win for not only the nation, but all of humankind.

While many believed that this would be the start of many journeys to the moon – and perhaps many more distant locations within the galaxy and beyond – it would only be another three years before the last man stepped onto the surface of the moon.

The Joy Of Turning 50 in 2019

Anyone turning 50 in 2019 will be joining some exciting people and events (both good and bad) that will also be turning half a decade. With that in mind, only one thing can be said – here’s to the next 50.


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