Aging in Place: Everything You Need to Make it Possible

Aging in Place: Everything You Need to Make it Possible

Getting older can be a very challenging time, and there’s nothing that most seniors want more than to be able to stay in the comfort of their own space as they age.

The term ‘aging in place’ refers to when an aging adult is able to grow older in their own home instead of needing to move to a care facility.

Seniors who age in place often need extra assistance, but they have the right measures in place to allow them to remain in comfort.

If this sounds like the path you would like to take as you get older, here’s what you need to make it possible.

Evaluate Your Home

First of all, it’s important that you have your home evaluated, either by a professional or by a trusted loved one. Your space will need to be checked out to determine whether or not it’s still a safe place for you based on your personal needs and challenges.

With an evaluation, you’ll be able to determine what modifications might need to be made to make the space safer and more comfortable, and this will allow you to stay, happily, right where you are.

Get the Help You Need

Next, remember that even those who age in place need occasional assistance, and that’s completely normal as you get older. If you struggle with your health or movement, you might need professional assistance from services like La Jolla Nurses Home Care, or you may just need a family member to come around a few times a week to help you with certain tasks.

Consider what your needs are and make sure you have the right arrangements in place so that you can live comfortably and stress-free.

Implement Strategic Financial Planning

Aging in place requires some financial consideration, and it’s a good idea to make sure you’re thoroughly prepared for the implications.

Consult with a financial advisor who has experience in retirement planning. They will be able to assist you with planning for retirement savings, healthcare costs, home modifications, and other factors you might need to consider.

There are plenty of options that you can look into, such as reverse mortgages, government assistance programs, and long-term care insurance to help you in terms of financial resources.

Create an Age-Friendly Environment

More than just basic essential modifications, you’ll want to make sure that your home is optimized for your utmost comfort and ease.

This can include changes like making storage more easily accessible, and investing in more comfortable furniture that’s high enough so it’s easy for you to sit down and stand up.

Remember to accommodate your current needs as well as potential future challenges. With this in mind, adjustable furniture and smart home devices might be good options to look into.

Embrace Technology

Nowadays, there are countless gadgets for seniors that can help them to age safely and comfortably at home. While some of this advanced tech might be a little overwhelming, deciding to embrace it can only be helpful!

You can use smart home assistants to make your life easier and automate certain tasks and functions within your home, like changing the thermostat or managing your home security system.

Adapt Your Home for Aging Eyes and Ears

As we get older, our hearing and vision will change, and you might find it challenging to hear and see things you used to. To make sure that you’re comfortable in your living space, make sure to accommodate these sensory changes.

You can do this by investing in better lighting fixtures and brighter bulbs. Use contrasting colors in your home to increase visibility, and consider installing assistive devices like hearing amplifiers or a captioned telephone. These are simple fixes that can help you cope better with the changes you’re facing.

Establish a Support System

Everyone reaching their golden years needs some kind of support system. You’ll be going through emotional challenges as well as physical ones, and it’s important that you have people to lean on.

Make sure that you express your needs to your children so that they understand what you’re going through, and never be afraid to pick up the phone and ask for help when you need it.

Engage in Lifelong Learning

Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean that you should no longer invest in yourself! Aging in place will allow you the time and space to keep pursuing growth in a way that feels comfortable and natural to you.

You can take online courses or classes, attend seminars, or even simply join a book club. Your learning doesn’t need to be theoretical though – you might decide to learn a new skill instead.

Consider taking up painting, baking, gardening, sewing, or any other skill you wish you had mastered earlier on in life. It’s never too late!

Stay Connected

More than just emotional support, we need socialization just to feel connected and have fun. We’re social beings by nature, and this doesn’t change as you get older, which is why it’s crucial to stay in touch with people you love and make the effort to make new connections too.

Try to join clubs or groups, explore a local senior center, and use technology to stay connected to the people you love. Maintaining an active social life will help you to combat feelings of loneliness and boost your mental health.

Prioritize Self-Care

Finally, remember that you need to take good care of yourself in this phase of your life. Self-care, in this sense, can refer to both your physical and mental health, and you need to be doing things that make you feel good and fulfilled.

You might want to engage in a hobby you love, prioritize maintaining a routine, or simple indulge in your favorite TV shows every evening before bed.

For some, self-care includes being able to care for others! If you feel like you’re lacking a sense of purpose as you age, then adopting a pet can be a wonderful solution.


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