Fifty Year Old Birthday Ideas

Fifty Year Old Birthday Ideas

Celebrating fifty years on this earth is a big deal. The question is; how do you make it special for that 50 year old in your life?

After all, it’s not just another birthday. They have been alive for half a century! So its time to think of fifty Year Old Birthday Ideas.

I would say that is reason to celebrate and plan something that is unique for this celebration. The first obstacle that you have to hurdle is deciding what type of party you are going to have.

We will discuss some unique ideas to turn a 50th birthday celebration into the occasion that it deserves to be.

When you decide on the right party; you will need to decide on the gifts.

Read on and you will find out everything you need to know to make a 50th birthday celebration memorable for someone celebrating such an important milestone in their lives.

Birthday Party Ideas for Fifty Year Olds

When it comes to any birthday party, it’s almost as important to keep the party guests entertained as it is to please the guest of honor.

One way is to give them something to win. Distribute fifty containers with some kind of party favor in it like a candle, candy or any type of small, inexpensive gift.

Buy some gift cards and place them inside some of the containers to give the guests something to win. When the guests are having fun, your guest of honor will have fun.

With your guests taken care of; make the party extra special for your guest of honor and prepare messages from loved ones before the party.

Have the closest family and friends record a birthday message for them and have the ones from out of town call in their messages.

Set aside time to play these messages at the party. Make sure there are tissues for the guests because there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

Don’t Forget An Awesome Birthday Cake

It’s a special day, so you want to have a special cake.  You’ll want to have a birthday cake like these !

birthday cake from Belfast

Birthday Gift Ideas for Fifty Year Olds

Gift ideas vary depending on the personality of your guest of honor. One creative gift idea is to get a large box and fifty smaller boxes that will fit in the big one. Put small gifts in each of the boxes.

Put the highest priced gifts you can afford or add a special gift among many small ones so it will be a surprise when they find it. Gifts will also vary depending on the sex of the person turning 50.

A tried and true gift for a woman is to find old family pictures or a particular photo that is special to them. Get the photo reprinted and put it in a nice frame. If they are a man; it’s always good to infuse humor into their gift.

There are tons of gag gifts at novelty shops for men that turn 50. Look for something that appeals to their sense of humor.

Gag gifts keep the mood light because most men don’t deal with emotion as well as women. Lets hope this helpsed you with Fifty Year Old Birthday Ideas


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