When Over 50’s Go Back To Work

When Over 50’s Go Back To Work

The state of the economy is on everyone’s minds, and many people, including the over 50s, seem to be under the impression that work is hard to find.

This mindset has quickly led many over 50s to give up before they have even tried to get back into the work force, and this is something that will likely be to their own detriment, as well as the economy.

You see, the truth is, the economy needs older individuals as much as they need the economy, and over 50s back to work schemes have been helping to bring these two components together.

50 is the New 30

People in their fifties’s  are no longer planning their retirement – in fact, many within this age group are just finding their feet in terms of establishing a career.

Whether you have sent your children out into the world and are looking to strike out on your own once again, or you have simply changed career paths, the world is your oyster at fifty, and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you any differently.

Over 50s Back To Work Prospects

One of the biggest mistakes that people looking for over 50s back to work prospects make is ignoring opportunities that are often advertised to younger generations, such as internships.

Internships are great opportunities to get your foot in the door, and they come with the added bonus of giving you a good idea about what a job is going to be like before you commit yourself to it.

While internships were once a younger man’s game, there are now companies within the UK offering these opportunities strictly to those over 50.

More and more incentives are being offered to companies that are willing to hire and retain older employees, making these ideal options for those searching for over 50s back to work prospects.

What is more, many companies feel that because of their life experience, those over fifty will be in better positions to empathise and assist customers, and this benefits just about everyone.

Part Time Work For Over 50’s

Another way for individuals to get their hands on potential positions within the company of their dreams is to opt for something part time.

Many over 50s take up part time positions because they want to fill a part of their week without committing themselves to a new career, but this also means that it gives individuals the chance to make themselves invaluable within a company or organization, before fighting for a full time position.

An Older Work Force Is Advantageous

In recent years, the number of individuals taking up positions within companies throughout the UK has skyrocketed from a couple hundred to thousands.

These numbers are enough to prove that the older generation is looking to take the work force by storm.

While many over fifties will still face outdated stereotypes when it comes to making their way up the corporate ladder, this makes it all the more important for you to keep fighting for your right to a long and fulfilling career – something that is becoming more possible each day.


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4 thoughts on “When Over 50’s Go Back To Work

  1. I like the idea that the UK is creating incentives for companies to hire older workers. I live in the United States, and have heard a lot of older people complaining that they have been unable to find work. Often, they had successful careers, but the fields they worked in are now defunct, and they are floundering, trying to obtain training for new positions that may or not last, or for which they may or may not be hired.

    Age discrimination does exist, whether overt or covert, and hopefully the government here will take the same route and put incentives in place to persuade companies to make way for older employees. I feel certain that given the chance, many older workers would shine in their new positions, and the companies would benefit from not only their expertise on the job, but their lifetime of people skills and general knowledge.

  2. As an older woman with a lot of joint problems I have issues with finding work that doesn’t involve lots of heavy lifting or standing, with the fact that my area is in an economical decline. Thankfully my husband is a career man with a wonderful income but it’s nice to have the extra income to put away for retirement. I will look for internships as an option now, as I had not considered that they would accept someone my age.

  3. I have observed the retirement life of a number of ageing people into their twilight years. Some live in bliss relying on the wealth they have accumulated over the years, pensions or assistance from their children. Others eke a living as shopkeepers, repairers and other tasks that require a minimal input in terms of labour. This is the second category and also includes those playing supervisory roles in their farms or firms. The last category is not well off. I used to sympathise with an old man who used to pick coffee in a large plantation. He looked frail and forsaken. I have seen others in construction sites or simply wallowing in poverty and relying on handouts. Government stipends and geriatric homes are proper interventions to reward them for their long service in various endeavours in life.

  4. I think that financially, it makes sense for people to work longer – because at the moment there is no way that the government is able to afford the state pension for as long as people are living. However, that is the only reason that it makes sense, because there are far too many people who are being made to work for longer when they’re not physically capable of doing so. It is unfair because people aren’t being given the chance to enjoy their retirement when they are healthy enough to be able to do so, and this is something that needs to be carefully considered in the future.

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