Make Up For Over 50 Year Olds

Make Up For Over 50 Year Olds

Make Up For Over 50 Year Olds

Great makeup can really turn back the clock and shed years from your actual age, and this is probably one of the many reasons women love it so much.

Still, makeup for over 50 year olds is not always as straightforward as it sounds, and if it is applied incorrectly, or the incorrect products are purchased, it could actually add years onto your face.

By discovering a few, simply tricks, you won’t have to worry about spending hours in front of the mirror, trying desperately to repair the damage done with a heavy-handed mascara brush.

Choosing Your Foundation

Foundation is the primer when it comes to makeup for over fifty year olds, and it is extremely important that you pick out the right one.

When choosing a foundation, many people opt for powder because they know it well, but this is the worst thing you could do. Keep in mind that powder foundation will actually come to rest in every wrinkle and every fold, making you appear much older than you actually are.

Instead, opt for a foam or cream foundation, and ensure that you aren’t too heavy handed. Remember, foundation is meant to even out skin tone – if you are using it to cover up blemishes, you are looking for trouble.

The Right Way to Apply Blush

In the past, it might have been in fashion to apply blush right up to your ears, but this is definitely not the case.

Stick to applying blush to the apples of your cheeks, and don’t forget to blend them over. Once again, powder blush tends to bring out the lines in older skin, so opt for crème blush. Don’t forget to blend the blush over the apples of your cheeks – you don’t want just a dot of red or pink on both sides of your cheeks.

Bringing Out Your Eyes

Mascara is one of the most important items of makeup for over fifty year olds because it not only lengthens lashes, but also thickens them up. Make Up For Over 50 Year Olds

If you weren’t born with luscious, thick eye lashes, you will really appreciate what some of the top brands can do for you. Clumping is one of the biggest issues that you will have with cheaper products, so stay far away from them.

When it comes to mascara, it is all about the quality. Spend some time going over your options before choosing the right product – some lengthen, while others curl, so pay attention to the type of mascara you are buying.

A Touch of Gloss

Softer makeup is the best type of makeup for over 50 year olds because it highlights all your best features without highlighting the ones you would rather keep hidden.

Lipstick is great for younger women, but as you get older, you might want to opt for a more subtle gloss, and this is because matt products will bring out every line along your lips – something you want to avoid.

Great makeup for over 50 year olds is meant to make you feel ten or twenty years younger – be sure to pick out the products that will help you do just that.


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    Stephen is now retired. He spent 25 years in community welfare and is one of the co-founders of life over 50. He has a keen interest in everything concerning this special age group.....and makes valuable contributions to the site. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, cycling and gardening. Also a keen jazz music lover!

7 thoughts on “Make Up For Over 50 Year Olds

  1. These are some great make up tips thanks for sharing. I tend to shy away from make up these days. I feel I’m not applying it right, and we all know that can cause more harm then good. Especially for older women we don’t have that tight smooth plump skin of our youth anymore.

    So putting a heavy cream foundation on can creep into all those nooks, and crannies. The dark blush, and lipsticks seem to make me look yet even older. When I do wear make up I try to make it as little as possible while using light colors.

  2. I definitely agree that makeup for those over 50 is not straightforward and easy. One problem I always seem to find on the occasions that I wear makeup is looking TOO young, though – the opposite of what this article discusses. I know that I’ll never look younger than my 50s but I worry about appearing to try to hard to look young and people thinking I look silly. I feel happy and confident when I get my makeup right but I also have that nagging feeling what, “Will people think I’m trying too hard?”

    Great tips though, and wonderful article. Thank you for sharing the ideas.

  3. There’s nothing sadder than seeing someone trying too hard to look younger, using all of the makeup tips that are typically given in articles, which are primarily aimed at those in their 20’s and 30’s. I’ve always used a liquid foundation, and have never tried foam, so I think I might give that a go next time I buy some, just to see if it works better than what I’m currently using. I agree that lipstick can be too much for 50 and over lips, I’ve found myself transitioning more to gloss as I’ve gotten older. I much prefer the look and feel of it.

  4. I do not think that there is anything wrong with bright makeup at our age. It is not my thing, but I do not look down on people who still like to wear a lot of makeup at my age. Let people do whatever they want to do!

  5. I was never good with makeup when I was younger. That was fine, because I felt I didn’t need it. I know I need to get over my habit of going out without makeup. My problem with that is I can can easily talk myself out of putting on foundation and all just to run out for a few errands. One thing that helped me is to occasionally splurge and have someone at a higher end makeup counter suggest products for me and give me a mini makeover. It’s a splurge, but it did give me a better result than picking out my own products at the local drugstore.

  6. Make up is for every age for my opinion. Or anyone who would like to wear make up should do so – to say. If you are in the 50s, you should concentrate on a few things with make up.

    First of all your skin need more moisture than younger people’s skin. Luckily there are lot of foundation or BB cream out there marketed at aged skin or for dry skin,

  7. Wow, I just stumbled on this article. I have been grappling with the over 49 makeup routine for a while now (I will be 58 in October.). I have also found that a lighter lip product works better for me…Burt’ Bees has just come out with a great product. Good color and doesn’t seem into the lines.

    One thing I have found more than ever at this age is the importance of eyebrows. I never worried about them before, but now that I fill them in with a brow powder, it makes a huge difference. So, my staples are lip color, brows and mascara.

    We’ll see what happens at 60…

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