Walking Groups For Over 50s That Will Leave You Empowered

Walking Groups For Over 50s That Will Leave You Empowered

You might be wondering why it would benefit you to join one of your local walking groups for over 50s. Well, we have news for you.

As people begin to age, they start facing a variety of novel difficulties, and so it often helps to get proactive to prevent from getting overwhelmed by these challenges.

Two of the biggest challenges faced by those who reach their 50s are middle age loneliness and a deterioration of our health in general.

My Walking Group Story

I decided last month to join an over 50s walking club,  after hearing good things about its positive impact on overall wellness from one of its members who lives near me.

Since then, it’s been amazing how quickly its made such a difference in how I feel daily!

Engaging in regular exercise through these walks has brought about significant improvements to my physical health while providing peace of mind knowing that I’m doing something beneficial for myself.

Moreover, the camaraderie amongst us is truly special – exploring new areas during our weekly outings helps us form deeper connections and a real sense of community, which is invaluable.

This social group has become an anchor for me outside of work hours enhancing both my physical and mental wellbeing.

Walking Groups For Over 50’s Near Me

One of the best ways to tackle these problems is to join one of the many over 50s walking groups in your own locality,  that allow you to exercise and interact with others at the same time.

If you can’t decide whether these walking groups are for you or not, take a look at some of the benefits of participating.

Although a lot of us middle-aged people join walking groups for the fitness aspect, for many people, there is also the potential to meet new friends, or perhaps even romantic partners!

So there is absolutely nothing wrong with joining a walking group, with over 50s dating at the back of your mind.

The Gym Isn’t the Only Place to Get Fit

Most people assume that walking is simply for reaching one place or another, but in reality, it is actually a great way to get fit.

You don’t need to run a marathon or join a basketball team to get a cardio workout – according to the experts, a 35-minute walk daily, will actually meet your over 50 exercise needs.

As you get older, physical fitness becomes a requirement for mobility, and ultimately, for independence, so it becomes more and more important to stay on top of your game as you age.

walking groups for over 50s near me

In a recent study, it was shown that individuals who exercised regularly lost around 13% of their aerobic power over 23 years, while those who didn’t lose almost 50% of theirs.

It’s Cost Effective

Another great benefit of walking groups for over 50s, is that they often cost nothing at all, so it is something that just about anyone can enjoy.

Gyms and other fitness-based classes can quickly get expensive, and cost is one of the main reasons why people put off joining.

Walking groups, on the other hand, require that a handful of people meet at the same time, at the same place on a specific day of the week and simply go for a walk.

Joy Of Companionship

One of the most appealing things about walking groups for over 50s is that this is a group activity, and because it doesn’t require a whole lot of physical exertion, it is also a great opportunity for people to socialise with others.

Not only are they good for mind and body, but they also can be a great place to meet a future partner, if you are over 50 and  single!

over 50s walking groups

In some instances, a weekly walking group might be one of the few times a person gets out and meets with others their own age, particularly if they have chosen to retire, or if they have other demands that they need to meet at home.

For those who are still very active in their careers, it allows them some much needed down time so that they can return to work well rested and ready for another challenge.

Walking Groups For Over 50’s For Better Health

Exercise aids in strengthening just about every part of the body, including the organs, joints, the brain and even helps to improve emotional responses, making it one of the most important investments that you will ever make in yourself.

Ultimately, over 50s walking groups are one of the many ways you can ensure you are providing your body with what it needs to function at the best of its ability.

Whether you’re going to be joining a group for the friendships or for the exercise, it will most likely be one of the best decisions you have ever made.


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24 thoughts on “Walking Groups For Over 50s That Will Leave You Empowered

  1. I’m personally not much of a joiner, and enjoy my solitude when I walk, but I do think if someone enjoys socializing, and doesn’t have friends nearby, or doesn’t have friends who enjoy the same types of activities, this could be a good fit. Being outdoors definitely has a positive impact on our mental and physical health, and can help ward off depression.

    1. I agree with you on all of your points! I also enjoy walking in solitude, but I recognize the social benefits of walking with a group of friends, and the health benefits of walking as such. I also think that, if you decide to meet, say, every day with your friends and go for a walk it is a good way to get yourself motivated to do that required amount of physical activity.

  2. Hi,
    Would love to join a weekend walking group in Victoria. Do you do day walks on Saturdays or Sundays to start, then maybe weekend trips once I’m a bit fitter and discover some fellow feelings to enjoy nature together?
    Look forward to a reply with possible dates and destinations, dog friendly walks too.
    Happy New Walks 2016.

  3. Walking with a group is great for extroverts. I’m an introvert, so I walk alone or with my spouse. It’s great exercise and I get my most creative ideas while I am walking, particularly when I am walking out in the woods or fields.

    If you choose to walk in a group, try it out before committing. The people may be too chatty, or divided up into cliques already. Group walking will be pleasant if the group dynamic is right for you.

  4. I am not a total extrovert but I have occasionally enjoyed walking with a group from the local U3A (University of the Third Age) which you may or may not know is a British organisation for retired and semi-retired people. I like to walk in a group for the company and for safety. There are also opportunities run by the local borough council to take part in “Walks for Health”. I think walking in a group with a group leader is a great way of getting exercise.

  5. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful idea this is! I’ve never heard of this kind of group, so that tells me that it’s not available in my area, sadly. I’d love to be part of something like this.

    All is not lost, though… I’m thinking that I could start a group in the area. Is there anything in particular I would need to keep in mind, or is it a simple matter of just running an ad with a meeting place for the first walk and hope that people show up?

    Another question… there would be no liability issues for the people or person starting the group, right? Like if someone gets hurt on a walk you scheduled and took care of the details for? I’m asking because I know that for many other kinds of groups, that is indeed a consideration that needs to be dealt with.

    I assume these same groups would do something like mall walking when the weather doesn’t cooperate? (Like right now where we just had a major blizzard and outside walking is just not possible.)

  6. I am not sure if I can join a walking group when I reach 50 which is just 4 years away. I’ve noticed that as I age, I tend to seek old and familiar company. I still make friends but not as close as what I had before in my Uni years. I believe I am more like my mom who enjoys being with old friends way back in college, such that they still meet up for reunions now that they are in their 70’s. But since they live far apart, it is not a problem with her to walk by her lonesome. She walks in the park or in malls on her own for hours!

  7. I would love to have the opportunity to join a walking group. While there are times that I enjoy my solitude which include walking my dog, it would be nice to have a group to socialize with and get healthy too. I have joined our local fitness club since retiring a few months ago and enjoy working out there, but would really like to do some walking outdoors. If there is anybody out there in the Auburn, CA area, please let me know!

  8. I have seen walking groups at the YMCA. I am not really a walker unless it’s on a treadmill. I do like how joining a walking group helps in socialization. I’m in my fifties, but I still love working out with exercise videos. I try to be really careful because I realize I am not as young as I use to be. I love the thrill of a challenge and doing high impact workouts.

    1. Aileen, I would be interested in joining a club. I am a very good walker. Walking is no problem to me. I need to get out and meet people. But what do I wear, and where do you meet and any other details could you send me.

      Yours truly,
      Michael Mcfall

  9. I would be very interested in joining a walking group. I am living in Dublin 12 but would not mind traveling a little.
    Thank you Cora.

  10. My name is Sonia Maes and I am 58 yrs old. I’ve lost my husband last April after a 4 year battle with cancer. I am now trying to pick my life up again and I thought it would be a good idea to join a walking club. Do you know one in Swindon SN1 7AZ. Many thanks for your help.

    Kind regards,

  11. I am new to this but i am excited to find out how to join up with a walking group.I am in Everett and i would love to join.I hope someone can help me out here.

  12. I love long walks too. Particularly with others. Given the pandemic requiring social distancing, I am doing virtual walk & talks with my daughter who lives in London and friends all over the world. I realized that I could get more out of my workouts by wearing a weighted vest and wrist-ankle weights. I truly burn more calories, support my bones and tone my muscles. But most weighted vests are bulky an uncomfortable so I set out to develop the most comfortable weighted vest. I hope you will investigate this option to get more out of your walks too!

  13. I am 75 good walker. I would like to join a club for companionship in the Dublin12 area. Please give me the dates,days and times.as well as starting place.Please let me know as soon as possible. Sincere thank

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